Museums & Galleries

As you venture through the Manning Valley, be sure to take in as many of our local cultural attractions as you can including vibrant galleries and history museums.

Many of our galleries add a café experience and garden settings, so you can enjoy fresh coffee and fine food as you browse.

For a true touch of culture in your holiday, see an exhibition at the Manning Regional Art Gallery. For a small gallery they get some big name artists through the door!

Wingham Museum

Wingham Museum

Wingham Museum is happy to announce that our doors will be opened to the public on Monday, 1st June, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., seven days a week, until further notice.  Our volunteers have been busy ensuring that our premises is COVID-19 safe for our staff and visitors alike.  We look forward to showing our wonderful museum to both old and new customers.  You won’t regret it. The museum was famously opened…

Contact details
Phone:02 6553 5823
Address:12 Farquhar Street, Wingham NSW 2429