Moving to Manning Valley

Pristine waterways, clean air, uncrowded beaches and vibrant communities are just some of the reasons more and more people are moving to the Manning Valley on the Mid North Coast.

The Manning Valley covers 3753km² of land from Johns River in the north to Wang Wauk River in the south and up to 100km inland. The area also includes a 50km coastal strip from Crowdy Bay to Hallidays Point.

The region is home to 48,000 residents who live in the five main urban areas and 23 villages that are scattered along the river, coastline and rich agricultural lands.

For families moving to the area, we have 34 schools to choose from, 9 sporting complexes, 6 swimming pools, 5 libraries and 241 parks and reserves to play in.

We are a vibrant and growing region and we will always welcome new residents to the area. We are also always in search of new business, professional services, trades and skilled labour. If you’ve considered relocating, we can help. Please email us at and we’ll do out best to put you in touch with the right people.