Harrington & Crowdy Head

Ten minutes north of Taree and just off the highway is the tranquil seaside village of Harrington which sits at the northern mouth of the Manning River.

In 1894 a long breakwall was built to protect the entry channel for shipping, which now it serves as a scenic walk and great fishing location. The nearby Pilot Hill Lookout provides expansive views over the river delta and the graves on the hill bear witness to the pilots whose task was to guide the boats over the bar.

A taste of holidays from our past, Harrington’s relaxed seaside lifestyle is a welcome escape from today’s frantic pace. Rest in riverside parks or cast a line for that elusive catch of the day. See the resident pelicans rest atop colourfully painted power poles waiting for the fishing boats to return. There are riverside and seaside caravan parks, cabins, pubs, clubs and cafes with great views so you can watch the hive of activity happening on the river.

Just north of Harrington, the small fishing village of Crowdy Head retains evidence of its European settlement and history around the area with a strong maritime flavour.

A must do for all is a visit to the iconic Crowdy Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse perched high on the headland provides 360-degree views of the coast. Between May and August, keep your eye out for passing humpback whales. The lighthouse itself is picturesque and a great place for a photograph as well as being easily accessible on a sealed road.

Driving north of Crowdy Head you can enter Crowdy Bay National Park.  There are two camping spots, Crowdy Gap and Diamond Head.  The Park provides spectacular cliff top views, easy walking tracks, abundant wildlife and good fishing. Access to the park is via an unsealed road from Crowdy Head or from Moorland 35 kilometres north of Taree.